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Community Energy Solutions is an independent, not-for profit organization. We depend on your generosity to enable us to deliver positive power solutions, helping individuals, organizations, and communities to lead sustainable energy practices. We can’t do this work without the generosity of our donors. Join the community of our donors today!

Join Our Monthly Giving Program.
Like any organizations, Community Energy Solutions (CES) has monthly expenses to maintain our level of activities. Becoming a monthly donor is a convenient way to make an ongoing contribution to CES that also helps lower administrative costs so that more of your donation goes straight to our programs.

√ Community Energy Solutions
If you are a Bainbridge Island resident, make sure that you check off Community Energy Solutions during the months of One-Call-For-All fund drive. It is an important source of funding for us.

Supporting Community Energy Solutions through sponsorship is a great way for your company or organization to support CES’s work and to show those whom we serve and those who come visit our website that you support community projects that are socially, economically, and environmentally responsible in respect to where the energy source comes from and how it is used.

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