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CES' work

Community Energy Solutions’ mission is to bring positive power solutions to all; by creating community projects that are socially, economically, and environmentally responsible in respect to where the energy source comes from and how it is used. We offer innovative yet practical solutions, creating clean energy projects, developing community-based energy efficiency programs, advocating for clean energy policy, educating and advising various communities in how to promote sustainable energy practices.

In 2009, CES’ work contributed to more than 6,000kWh of carbon free electricity through its Solar for Sakai project. This is equivalent to displacing the emissions of one passenger car 280 days of driving, or the power needed for 122 homes for one day. CES has created the opportunity for hands-on solar energy education to over 550 students, and hundreds of adults, who can learn by having a local clean energy system which they can readily see, as well as the virtual online PV production. Recognizing that the severe economic downturn has impacted all walks of life, CES has been focusing much of its efforts in energy efficiency. This has resulted in an innovative community-based energy efficiency program, the Community Smart Power Program.

Our motto:

When people set a common goal and work together, powerful change can occur.

The four main areas of our work are:

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